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Hello, I am Wayne Corwin. I am a miner, and I Dig Rocks. I've been collecting minerals since I was 5 years old. One of my first aquisitions was a piece of Quartz, one of the items that got me started on my life-long love of rocks! I collect almost all of my own minerals, not buy and resell. I also trade for rocks.

Over the years I have found old, lost or supposedly worked out mines. I've also found many new locations that were one time collecting spots, but are now closed due to development. Many of my specimens are in museums. I have worked for many quarries and mines in the New York and New England area as a heavy-equipment operator with a good eye for mineral deposits. Sometimes I have been partially paid in rocks!

I worked for 2 years digging out and setting up the digging area for Treasure Mountin Diamond Mine in Little Falls, N.Y.. Mining there on my own time I found many wonderful crystals. I also spent a year working the William Wise Fluorite Mine in Westmoreland N.H.. While there, the first day of actually mining, I opened up what was to be known as the "Eclair Pocket" (tho I wanted to call it the first day pocket) that turned out to be 2 foot wide, 4 feet high and 8 feet long and filled with the bright green Fluorite. I'v also been hired to work at the Palermo Mine in North Groton, N.H. 3 times, what a wonderful place to work.

Other quarrys I work for or have worked for are the Goshen Stone Co. in Goshen, Ma. , the Ashfield Stone Co. in Ashfield, Ma. , and the Ondrick Quarry in Granby, Ma.

Please check back now and again my special section of new listings, updated as often as I can .I carry many unique and one-of-kind specimens for sale. Also since 1993 I have been doing Wire Wrapped Jewelry. All of my wraps are one of a kind and made to show off the stone.

Thanks to All,